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    Current News

    Pedal Power for Burns Survivors – Join Us!

    On the 4th August this year you could be flying through the streets of London and leafy lanes of Surrey by taking part in the Prudential RideLondon – Surrey cycle challenge for The Katie Piper Foundation. With the ballot now closed, riding for a charity is the only way to get a place and we have six places up for grabs. Celebrating the legacy for cycling created by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games,...
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    Team Katie reunited for 10k run

    Join us on Sunday 21st July to run an iconic route through the heart of London with live bands and DJ’s along the way to keep you on your toes. You can help to change the lives of burns survivors by being a part of our small and friendly team, led by our founder Katie Piper. You’ll get a Katie Piper Foundation running vest, support with fundraising and we’ll be organising opportunities to meet up...
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    Archived News

    Our FaceValue art exhibition at Jealous Gallery returns!

    Artist, curator and KPF champion, Gary Mansfield, has created his third collaborative exhibition based around the changing of identity at the hands of another, with each artwork being a metaphor for a person that is living with visible difference. We are really proud to be working with Gary to make this event happen again and it’s a big moment for us in the year as the funds raised will help us to support burns survivors...
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    Behind-the-scenes peek at our rehabilitation centre

    The journey to opening a dedicated rehabilitation centre for adults who have survived burns has been one of meticulous preparation.? On BBC Breakfast on Friday 26th October, you can have a behind-the-scenes glimpse as we prepare to evolve out of our development phase, and into being a fully-fledged service. Running a rehabilitation service, where survivors can focus wholly on furthering their rehabilitation through techniques such as scar management has been the goal of The Katie...
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    Help us to create a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being.


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    Journal of Scars, Burns & Healing

    In partnership with leading medical publishers SAGE – we are publishing research in an?academic journal entitled Scars, Burns & Healing.

    The journal brings together the specialist focus of scar and burns research with the breadth of the science and medicine related to wound healing.

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